This GaiaRecycle model (41 inches L x32 inches W x 32inches H) can process mixed food scraps and organic waste and is suitable for primary schools with approximately 300 students and food service providers delivering approximately 200 meals per day.

The GaiaRecycle G-30H system features push-button operations and automated controls including built-in temperature and moisture sensors and is claimed to recycle 66lbs of food waste per day without causing jamming and minimizing downtime and lowering overall operation costs.

GaiaRecycle’s patented ‘double helix’ shredder and blade technology accelerates the organic decomposition process based on drying, sterilizing and grinding food scraps and organic waste and is claimed to reduce food waste weight and volume by up to 90% during its eight hours processing cycle.

In addition, GaiaRecycle’s proprietary six-step deodorizer process removes odors, and the resulting output material from the processed food waste is a sterilized compostable soil amendment.