Following the recent joint academies' statement on climate change, the G-8 tones down its joint statement on actions to combat greenhouse emissions

A draft joint statement from the G-8 group of richest countries sets out plans to launch a global dialogue framework to deal with climate change, cleaner energy technology, energy supply and development during next month’s summit.

The so-called ‘Climate change, clean energy and sustainable development’ initiative emerged after the G-8 failed to agree on an earlier statement that detailed the risks of global warming, set ambitious targets to cut emissions, set up various funds and established strict regulations.

According to the statement, the new dialogue framework will add value to the ongoing work and process under the IEA and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It aims to focus on meeting long-term goals for security of supply, access to energy, energy for development and environmental sustainability, possibly by 2050.

The statement also calls for mobilisation of both public and private sector finance. However, the revised statement and its action plan has significantly toned down acknowledgement of global warming and a consequent call for urgent action.

The documents will be adopted by the G-8 leaders from Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States at the 6 July meeting.