These initiatives consists of an equipment order by a Midwestern utility in response to the clean air interstate rule (CAIR), as well as orders by two Northeastern utilities, one for a HERT system upgrade and the other for a HERT system demonstration.

Additionally to the foregoing, engineering and equipment orders were received for a NOxOUT SNCR system for a municipal solid waste incinerator in France. Lastly, a number of supplemental equipment orders were placed for previously secured business, most notably for burner-related activities in Chile.

“Order flow is building at Fuel Tech, especially for our recently acquired HERT system product line,” commented John F. Norris Jr., president and chief executive officer. “As we have previously noted, the reinstitution of CAIR in late December 2008 has resulted in pick-up in quotation activity, which we are now in a better position to address with our expanded suite of low capital cost approaches for NOx reduction.”