Axis Technologies Group, Inc. (Axis Technologies) said that FSC Lighting Co. (FSC Lighting) has launched new daylight harvesting and dimming fluorescent lighting system by installing Axis Technologies' ballast into FSC fluorescent light fixtures known as the DHS Series. The new FSC fixture reduces lighting energy costs by up to 70%. This launch enables FSC to offer its customer base with an even more energy-efficient daylight harvesting fixture.

FSC has initiated its new product launch in California and in New York. The state of New York provides incentives for using the energy efficient lighting by retrofitting or in the new construction. In particular, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provide a $40 rebate for use of Axis ballast. Subsequent launches will be made by FSC in other states providing incentives for energy reduction.

Installation of the FSC fixture with the company’s ballast makes it easy for the businesses to embrace the economic benefits of the environmental responsibility. The electrical energy savings can be to the extent of 400 kWh per fixture per year, which is equal to about 700 pounds of carbon dioxide emission reduction. Quick installation, no commissioning and the individually integrated automatic controls makes this new fixture unique.

Dave Derk, national sales manager for FSC Lighting, said, FSC Lighting is very optimistic about the sales potential of the energy efficient DHS Series fixtures and we currently have orders shipping for installation in a well-known national restaurant chain. Derk continued, FSC has 34 rep agencies nationwide, and we have been aggressively introducing the new FSC DHS fixture series to our customers. I wasn’t surprised by the instant interest we received from many of our customers after the recent launch.

Gary Boe, national sales manager for Axis Technologies, said, Axis is pleased to work with FSC in what will be a win/win situation for both companies. Partnering with a company that already has an established customer base is a great way to bring market awareness of the Axis Daylight Harvesting ballasts to a higher level, and to help reduce this country’s energy needs. Also, the incorporation of the Axis ballast in the original design of lighting fixtures offers the most cost effective way to adopt green technology in corporate lighting.