Freedom anticipates collecting 30,000 gallons of grease per month initially, which will then be shipped to existing processing facilities across the country to be turned into biofuel and resold. Freedom expects to receive $1.75 per gallon for the grease it collects from existing commercial clients.

Freedom noted that its consultant Homestead stated in its report to the company that a rollout of grease for processing into biofuel could be accomplished through external facilities currently in operation.

This will allow Freedom the ability to enter the biofuel market quickly and economically. Once this model is generating revenue, it can then move forward with its plans to operate its own processing facility, the company said.

Michael Borish, president of Freedom, said: “My goal in retaining Homestead as our biofuel consultant was to identify a means by which we could enter the biofuel market without an enormous upfront cost.

”By contracting with biofuel processing facilities already operating, we can generate near term revenue from our existing commercial client base. Freedom is demonstrating that it is moving forward with ‘green’ revenue in a big way.”