A long-delayed energy bill outlining the French government’s plans to boost renewable energy production and reduce dependence on nuclear energy has been presented to the country’s cabinet.

The bill includes plans for up to €10 billion to be invested in the renewable energy sector and to reduce the share of nuclear energy in electricity production from 75 to 50 %. There are also plans to enhance energy efficiency, cut oil and gas costs and incentivise the purchase of electric vehicles.

French Environment and Energy minister Ségolène Royal presented the bill to a weekly cabinet meeting at the end of July. The bill is expected to be presented to parliament in October.

The government has proposed buying up old, diesel powered cars to incentivise the uptake of electric vehicles. It also wants to install 7 million electric vehicle charging points and says that homeowners will get a 30 % rebate on the cost of installing charging points at home.

Tax incentives have also been proposed to encourage homeowners to implement energy saving measures.