Duncans North Hydro Power Company (DNHP) has selected four qualified companies to receive the request for tenders for the engineering, equipment procurement and construction (EPC) of the Shrinagar hydroelectric project in India.

The following consortia have been selected for the second phase of the international competitive bidding and received the EPC tender documents in January. They are: •European Shrinagar consortium, led by Philipp Holzmann.


•Skanksa International.

•Z-B-I-D consortium led by Ed Ziblin.

The 330MW Shrinagar hydro power project is in the financing stage. The power purchase agreement, implementation agreement, and the water use agreement with the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Board and the Uttar Pradesh government have already been signed. A government guarantee and the escrow cover agreement are in the final stage of approval.

A run-of-river scheme located on the Alaknanda river in Uttar Pradesh, features of the Shrinagar project include a dam, desilting basin, tunnel, power channel, penstock and powerhouse. The construction period is expected to last for four years.

DNHP is a joint venture between Duncans Industries of India and Synergics Hydro Asia (a subsidiary of US-based Synergics Energy Develop-ment). Synergics Energy Development is active in hydro power development worldwide and in addition to numerous projects in North and South America, the firm has more than 1000MW of private power projects under development in South Asia.