Foster Wheeler has said that its Global Engineering and Construction Group has received a contract from Sasol New Energy to perform a feasibility study for a gas-fired power generation plant at Sasolburg, South Africa.

Feasibility study for a gas-fired power generation plant will be performed by using gas engines with an open cycle electrical output capacity of approximately 140MW.

Foster Wheeler’s scope will include the feasibility study and capital cost estimate for the overall plant, the evaluation of gas engine suppliers and the recommendation of a preferred gas engine supplier.

The feasibility study by the company is scheduled to be completed by December 2010.

Sasol claims that this project will raise its electricity self-sufficiency to 840MW, or 60% of its overall power draw, and forms part of a broader plan within the Sasol group to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions and bolster power self-sufficiency in the light of South Africa’s tightening electricity supply/demand balance.

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