Fonon Display & Semiconductor Systems (Fonon DSS), a subsidiary of Fonon Technology International, Inc., has developed a new Laser Direct Writing for tracking glass panels. Laser Direct Writing is a non-destructive laser marking technology which marks glass without damaging the surface while producing a readable image. This process does not require tapes or sprays to make the mark thereby eliminating any cleaning and post processing required with other methods.

Traditional methods to mark panels with tracking codes such as mechanical etching or engraving using a CO2 Laser can crack the surface of the glass thereby compromising the overall strength and quality of the glass. These cracks can potentially lead to panel failure issues in the future. Additionally, the marks were not always clear enough to be scanned or read.

“Panel manufacturers have been looking for a better way to mark panels with bar codes and UID marks,” said Maureen McHale, the corporate marketing and public relations manager for Fonon DSS. “Laser Direct Writing creates a black, semi-transparent or gold marking on glass and is ideal for tracking the life of the panel. This process does not damage the glass and ensures readability of the mark.”

Fonon DSS is a US based developer of new laser scribing, dicing, marking, coating removal, direct patterning, and photo mask repair solutions for the flat panel display (FPD), semiconductor, photovoltaic and electronics industries.