The company plans to develop the project, located in the Côte-Nord region of northeastern Québec, to achieve full commercial production.

Results of the Preliminary Economic Assessment of the Lac Knife project released on 29 October 2012 had demonstrated the potential of the projects as a profitable graphite producer.

Focus Graphite president and CEO Gary Economo stated, "The hiring of Terrapex to assist Focus in its endeavours to obtain all regulatory approvals for Lac Knife together with the start of environmental and social impact studies are further evidence of our commitment to expedite the development of the Project towards our goal of full commercial graphite production."

Under the permitting process, Focus will conduct environmental auditing and baseline studies, advanced metallurgical testing, mine tailings and waste rocks characterization and archeology and biodiversity studies.

The company expects to complete the final full environmental and social impact study by December 2013.