Swiss firm Forces Motrices Hongrin-Leman (FMHL) has commenced work to double the total generating capacity of a 240MW pumped storage hydroelectric project in Veytaux, Switzerland.

The company is constructing a new underground cavern near to the existing one at the Veytaux facility and two additional pump-turbine groups with a total capacity of 240MW will be installed.

Upon completion of the work by the end of 2014, the facility’s total installed capacity will be increased to 480MW, of which 420MW will be used for operations and 60MW held in reserve.

FMHL chairman Pierre-Alain Urech said that the new plant will enable the facility to double its output capacity, while the generation of peak electricity will also be doubled, thus allowing the plant to play an important role in supplying electricity to western Switzerland.

FMHL is the operator of the Veytaux hydroelectric facility.