Under the contract, FMC Technologies’ Schilling Robotics business unit will supply the ROV systems to C-Innovation in early 2015.

The UHD-III ROV systems are the latest generation of ultra heavy-duty work-class vehicles and are only API 53 compliant ROV in the market, enabling secondary BOP intervention at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Featuring FMC Technologies’ new ISOL-8 Pump, the UHD-III will strengthen the C-Innovation’s global ROV fleet to more than 50 systems.

The ISOL-8 Pump enables compliance with API Standard 53, which needs a secondary intervention method on blowout preventors (BOPs) to close rams in less than 45 seconds.

FMC Technologies Subsea Technologies senior vice president Tore Halvorsen said, "We are delighted that our focus on providing advanced ROV equipment that increases our customers’ offshore productivity is helping C-Innovation continue to grow at a rapid pace."