DGC serves mid-size industrial customers throughout the Russian Federation who are interested in ultra-reliable, low-cost, clean energy cilities.

Customers will commit to long-term power purchase agreements with DGC, which will use FlexEnergy turbines to transition customer sites away from the electricity grid, which is expensive and frequently suffers from interruptions. The FlexEnergy turbines will be used most typically to provide a site’s base-load.

DGC selected FlexEnergy equipment following a lengthy assessment of other turbine providers. Critical to DGC’s determination was the unique ability of FlexEnergy turbines to perform closed-transition dual mode operation, meaning FlexEnergy’s turbines can maintain or pick up site loads without interruption if the electricity grid fails.

This capability is not possible with other micro-turbines. DGC also concluded that by avoiding any reliance on batteries to handle load – made possible by the FlexEnergy turbine system’s use of a synchronous generator – FlexEnergy turbines would offer DGC’s customers lower long term maintenance and greater reliability.

DGC ordered all turbines with the factory fitted hot water cogeneration module, unique to the FlexEnergy turbines, which means no ancillary heat recovery work is required once the turbines arrive at customers’ sites. Each of the foregoing was highlighted as a key factor in DGC’s selection of FlexEnergy as its technology partner.