Once completed, the fueling network would enable consumers to drive and fill up their fuel cell vehicles across California in the US.

FirstElement Fuel chairman and CEO Joel Ewanick said that with the new hydrogen fueling network, consumers can start their all-electric fuel cell vehicle, they can go where they want, when they want, just as if it were a gasoline engine vehicle – no compromises.

"Only they will be changing the world with every zero emission mile they drive," added Ewanick.

"That means no range anxiety and 100% reliability. We are taking the infrastructure debate out of the equation.

"Fuel cell vehicles are viewed as the next generation of clean vehicles by automakers and the State of California because of their ability to help clean the air, reduce greenhouse gases, and improve energy security; however a lack of hydrogen stations remains a potential hurdle to their commercial success."

The company has revealed its plan to unveil its first 19 stations running in the fall of 2015, prior to the launch of vehicles from various manufacturers.