Construction work on 230MW plant, which initially began in August 2011, was delayed as the company required approval related to the module code certifications.

Following the agreement, First Solar will resume construction work of the solar farm that is partially funded by a $646m loan from the US Energy Department.

First Solar initially promoted the solar plant, which was sold to Exelon Corporation in September 2011.

County Public Works deputy director Dennis Hunter said the Department was responsible for ensuring that all applicable building codes were met by the project in order to protect the health and safety of county residents.

"Following our discussions, we are now confident in First Solar’s ability to meet our health and safety requirements," Hunter said.

First Solar senior vice president of engineering, procurement and construction and operations and maintenance Jim Lamon said, "As the first utility-scale solar PV project in Los Angeles County, this was the county’s first opportunity to apply its codes to a facility of this magnitude, which required significant time and effort for everyone involved."

Upon completion in 2013, the plant’s electricity is estimated to power around 75,000 homes.