Last year, the AFNQL urged its members to oppose and declare a rejection on uranium exploration and exploitation on all First Nation territories.

In August 2012, the Grand Council of the Crees adopted a resolution declaring a permanent ban on uranium development in territory.

Timiskaming First Nation and AFNQL interim chiefs committee member Terence McBride said: "The exploration and exploitation of uranium constitute major and irreversible threats to our population, our territories and the resources they contain.

"As First Nations, we have a sacred duty to protect our territories and ensure the sustainable development of our natural resources."

Quebec Minister of the Environment earlier said that the permits for uranium exploration will not be issued until Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) completes hearings on the Quebec uranium industry and provides recommendations.

BAPE has recently completed the second phase of its inquiry, and will commence third phase hearings in November.