GE and Göteborg Energi have started installing the first of GE’s 4.1-113 offshore wind turbine in the Gothenburg harbour, the two companies announced at the European Wind Energy Association’s EWEA Offshore 2011 in Amsterdam. This project marks the first commercial application of GE’s 4.1-113 technology, which was introduced in March this year The 4 MW-class wind turbine is designed with reliability as a key feature.

“We are delighted that after two years of planning and coordinating, everything is coming together. The wind turbine could not be placed any better: while it is located onshore, which makes it easily accessible, it is right at the water front and exposed to offshore weather conditions. For the people of Gothenburg, this project is a milestone in achieving our goal to produce more green energy for the city and the country,” said Jonas Cognell, director of Renewable Electricity at Göteborg Energi.

The turbine is located in Risholmsvägen*, an area located at the harbour entrance and the door to Sweden, well-situated from a logistical point of view. The nacelle, tower and blades will arrive by boat. The installation is planned to be finished by mid-December. The foundation, with a 21 metre diameter, is pile-driven into the rock. Completion of the installation and connection to the grid is planned for the end of this year.

The 4.1-113 is intended specifically for the offshore environment, with reliability and availability as the primary design drivers. The direct-drive technology has fewer moving parts, has built-in redundancy and partial operation for major components, all focused on keeping turbines operating reliably at sea. The 4.1-113 blade design, says GE, has been optimised for maximum energy capture at sites suitable for monopile applications. It’s development has been based on five years of operating history of the installed fleet of GE 3.5 MW turbines.