A consoritum headed by Ferrovial Agroman, and including local firm MSF, is to build the 800MW Gouvães hydroelectric power plant on the River Tâmega in Northern Portugal in a €80 million contract awarded by Ibredrola.

The project – to be completed in 47 months – includes the construction of the main cavern, measuring 120m long, 20m wide and 44m high, which will house four 220MW generators. The consortium will also build a cavern for transformers measuring 80m long, 17m wide and 14m high, and Ferrovial Agroman will be in charge of the excavation work for 5km of galleries, including eight vertical shafts with a maximum height of 320m and a 7m diameter.

The Gouvães power plant is the third contract that Iberdrola has awarded the construction subsidiary of Ferrovial as part of the Hydroelectric Complex on the River Tâmega.  The company was selected in May 2016 to build the Daivões dam and power plant, and prior to that built the access tunnel to the Gouvães power plant and the exploratory shafts for the Tâmega project.

Iberdrola announced earlier this month that excavation of the diversion tunnel to feed the Daivões hydroelectric power station was completed, marking a major milestone for the Tâmega project.