FDK Corporation (FDK) introduced small sized YS-520 free space variable optical attenuator (VOA) that has fast response below 10 micro (µ) seconds. An optical attenuator reduces the power level of an optical signal. The YS-520 is 30 times faster than the company’s conventional models. The YS-520 was developed to offer quality in an attenuator used for metro and access network applications.

FDK provides optical attenuators for optical fiber communication network systems for long distance arteries. These attenuators require rigorous product qualities.

FDK’s new VOA YS-520 is 5 * 5 * 5mm, the smallest size in the world. In response to downsizing and simplification requirements for metro and access network applications, FDK has taken advantage of its magneto optic and original fine processing technology that were cultivated for long-distance networks for this new product.

By reducing VOA size, semiconductor laser diodes, highly-sensitive light receiving elements, and other parts which used to be separately integrated or mounted can now be placed in the same package. Moreover, this high speed responsiveness can promptly attenuate light strength when a harmful optical surge is generated. This combination enables the system configuration in protection circuits and similar applications to be greatly simplified.