Columbian mass transit system operator, Express del Futuro has outlined its plans to launch a fully-electric bus fleet in the capital city of Bogota.

The initiative will be in partnership with electric vehicles manufacturer BYD, with a pilot launch of the company K9 series set for Q2 in 2013; the K9 electric bus that can accommodate a maximum of 80 standing passengers.

Aside from reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, the project will also help improve environmental conditions and decrease particulate pollution.

Express del Futuro manager Andres Jaramillo said that the initiative is aimed at improving the public transport system in Bogota as well as alleviating pollution problems and contributing to all the citizens’ well-being.

"As operators, we are pioneers in the inclusion of buses with the highest quality standards, including the Euro 4 and 5 technologies that contribute to the reduction of gas emissions," added Jaramillo.

The initiative is also backed by Transmilenio, the Secretary of Environment and Praco Didacol.

BYD senior vice president noted, "BYD is very impressed with the leadership in Colombia and their vision to be a part of the new clean technology era with electrified public transportation. We hope to triple our growth and presence in Colombia by next year."