Through its subsidiary Rocky Mountain GTL, Expander is planning to build and operate enhanced GTL plant in Carseland.

The new GTL facility will hold capacity to process ~5.0 MMscfe/d of natural gas and natural gas liquids into 500 bbl/d of paraffinic synthetic diesel and naphtha.

Carseland facility will feature Expander’s multiple enhancements, which will be water neutral, generate excess power and convert process CO2 into additional synthetic diesel.

Expander has signed multi-year natural gas supply agreement with Manitok Energy to offer feedstock from its Carseland gas plant to the Expander GTL facility.

Under the deal, Manitok will supply between 3.7 and 5.0 MMscf/d or Btu equivalent of natural gas and natural gas liquids based on available production and reserves.

The GTL facility will offer incremental processing capacity to support anitok to increase its oil production in the area beyond its current plans.

An offtake agreement has also been signed for synthetic diesel, which will be marketed as SynDiesel.

Both firms are assessing the application of Expander’s technologies to other Manitok properties exhibiting the same high gas liquids content in the production stream, including Stolberg and Willesden Green areas in west central Alberta.

Expander’s EGTL process can be used to process shale gas and solution gas such as Monteney and Duvernay into SynDiesel.

Expander develops and licences processes to convert carbon sources into synthetic fuels. Its fuels are produced from carbon rich materials such as natural gas, biomass, bitumen residuals, petcoke and municipal solid waste.