The iVISION online tool is designed to connect multi-location, multi-discipline teams and business units through one central point, which stores information and provides secured access.

Exceed iVISION business unit head Martin Slowey said: "iVISION’s track record in the well management sector has proven that it effectively addresses these challenges, and in light of the OGA’s call to action, we believe that this multi-stakeholder platform will support efforts to collaborate like never before.

"It also addresses learning, with visual content playing a significant part of this. Step-by-step video tutorials are included, which are filmed on location, and are used for training and planning activities."

The online platform enables integration of safety management, technical information, and video in a bid to drive continuous improvement. It also facilitates cross-company collaboration to enables work with global contractors and third parties.

"Decommissioning is still a relatively new area in the context of the oil and gas industry, and it is essential for learning to be accelerated to prioritise safe execution of operations in the most cost-effective way," Slowey added.