The firm was selected by an undisclosed engineering procurement construction contractor for the project, which is owned by Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries (Orpic).

In particular, Evoqua will provide Vent-Scrub vapor phase carbon adsorption systems to treat malodorous and VOC emission problems in simpler and most cost-effective way.

The systems are designed for removing hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans and other sour gases created as byproducts of the refining process.

The company will also supply eight Vent-Scrub VSC-200 units, four VSC-2000 units, and two VSC-8000 units as well as nearly 15 tons of its sustainable VOCarb 48C coconut shell-based granular activated carbon (GAC).

Evoqua Environmental Solutions vice president and general manager Chris Rinaldi said: "This project will help Orpic reach the next level in responsible energy production.

"We’re proud to be part of this important growth effort that is committed to sustainable practices."

The improvement project involves installation of add five new units to the Sohar refinery which include crude distillation unit, vacuum distillation unit, delayed coker unit, hydrocracker unit and bitumen blowing unit.

Planned to be completed in late 2016, the project also involves improving it’s the refinery’s production volume, environmental performance and ability to process heavier Omani crude oil.

The upgrade project will allow the Sohar refinery to comply with international standards with regard to environmental improvements for the Omani crude, as well as support the industrial development initiatives of the Government of Oman.

Image: The Sohar refinery upgrade project in Oman is planned to be completed in late 2016. Photo: courtesy of Orpic.