The project, which was designed and installed by Italian project developer Greenvision, has a total surface area of 100,000sqmt and uses 24,600 Evergreen Solar ES-A series String Ribbon solar panels.

The solar plant is expected to provide enough electricity to power approximately 2,400 homes and will prevent approximately 3,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The plant is funded by Enia Solaris, a joint venture of two Italian companies Enia and Ata Group.

Scott Gish, vice president of sales and marketing at Evergreen Solar, said: “This is a milestone project for Evergreen Solar as we continue to expand our company’s global footprint with the largest installation in company history.

“Italy is an important and growing market for solar power because of the country’s high amount of sunlight. Our solar panels are particularly well liked as they deliver the most electricity with the smallest carbon footprint of any silicon-based panel.”