Europa Oil & Gas announced that it has commenced acquisition of 78km line of 2D seismic on its 50% owned and operated PEDL 181 licence, located in East Lincolnshire, England.

PEDL 181 is an oil producing region covering a total area of about 540km².

Europa is also reprocessing 150km² of existing 3D seismic in the Caistor anticline.

The company has made several discoveries along the Brigg-Broughton anticline, which corresponds to the west of Caistor anticline.

Europa plans to begin work in the four leads located in the southern part of the licence, which include reservoirs of Carboniferous age.

Three leads are situated in the North East trending Caistor anticline, while the single lead Cuxwold is located in the south of the Caistor anticline trend.

The company’s Immingham Refinery, an existing oil production at the Crosby Warren field is situated at the westernmost end of the Brigg-Broughton anticline.