The European Commission is poised to publish an energy review that will controversially back a new generation of nuclear power, while criticizing France and Germany for not ensuring that their markets reach EU stands for competition.

In the face of dwindling fossil fuel reserves and the threat that all fossil fuels bar coal could be exhausted by the end of the century, the EU is believed to be ready to give its backing to nuclear power in conjunction with renewables as the long-term power solution.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the commission’s research predicts that EU energy imports will increase to 65% of consumption by 2030, when 84% of gas and 93% of oil will come from overseas. These alarming figures, in conjunction with the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the EU believes, make a clear case for switching to domestically viable power sources.

Meanwhile, the European Commission’s investigations will conclude that France and Germany need to do more to make their markets truly competitive. The EU will call on France to legislate to break the traditional dominance of EDF and GDF and to ensure they are forced to operate within a completely developed market system.

In addition, while acknowledging Germany’s progress on gas sector unbundling, the EU will push Germany to do more, particularly in the electricity arena.