Andris Piebalgs, the European Energy Commissioner, is reported to have said that Europe doesn’t need new legislation to continue the liberalisation of gas and electricity markets, but should instead focus on implementing existing rulings.

The comments are thought to refer to the 10 nations that have so far failed to implement the EU competition directives, and the Commission has stepped up pressure by threatening to bring them before the European Court of Justice.

“I’m not so hot on new legislation,” Piebalgs told Dow Jones Newswires, before adding, “I’m confident they will implement the directive, no company wants to be called before the court.”

However, while Piebalgs, for example, is apparently confident that Germany, which is wrestling with its energy legislation, would pass laws to open the markets, some smaller countries, such as Lithuania, are struggling. “It’s hard because they really have one gas supplier,” he said. “But the directive was implemented a year ago. They have no excuse.”

Nonetheless, some market players suggest that legislation is needed in order to guarantee that new entrants have access to both supply and electricity generation.