Under the agreement, eSolar will provide solar field and receiver technology, while Ferrostaal will provide the power block as well as manage the overall realization as general contractor, including financing activities.

John Scoter, CEO of eSolar, said: “This partnership with Ferrostaal is a real coup for eSolar. Ferrostaal’s extensive construction capacity and expertise – particularly in the concentrated solar thermal field – together with eSolar’s award-winning technology, offers us the opportunity to rapidly construct solar power projects across the globe in coming years.”

Through the partnership with eSolar, Ferrostaal now adds solar power tower technology to its current concentrating solar thermal portfolio, which includes parabolic trough and Fresnel lens.

In eSolar’s tower technology, mirrors reflect sunlight onto a receiver mounted atop of a tower. The focused heat boils water within the receiver and generates high-temperature steam that powers a turbine to produce electricity.

Klaus Lesker, board member of Ferrostaal, said: “We are delighted to expand our solar energy portfolio with eSolar’s proven technology. eSolar is an innovative company setting ambitious cost and quality benchmarks. Their approach is an ideal complement to the engineering and contracting skills of Ferrostaal. Working with eSolar, we will be able to expand our portfolio of projects around the globe in places where modularity and speed of deployment are at a premium.”