The firm plans to develop 800MW of renewable energy projects in Scotland, with a focus on onshore wind energy.

ESB, in partnership with windfarm developers including through development partnerships with Coriolis and REG Holdings, currently has 11 wind farms under development phase.

ESB generation and wholesale markets executive director Paddy Hayes said: “The opening of ESB’s new office in Scotland is an important strategic development.  

“The commitment supports our ambition to grow low carbon and renewable generation as part of the transition to a low carbon economy, powered by clean electricity.”

The development of wind projects will contribute to the firm’s goal to have over 1GW of installed onshore wind capacity by 2030.

Scottish Government Business, Innovation and Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse said: “The Scottish Government is determined to ensure that Scotland remains a highly attractive investment destination as we develop our Energy Strategy to ensure we continue on the road towards decarburizing our whole energy system.”

ESB, which is currently constructing a 1,650MW gas fired power plant at Knottingley, West Yorkshire, is considering development of a number of offshore wind and waste to energy projects in the country.

The firm said it is also building a new electricity retail business, known as ESB Energy, in Great Britain. 

Currently, ESB is commissioning a £190m, 40MW waste wood biomass plant at Tilbury in Essex in partnership with the Green Investment Group.