Australia-based electricity retailer Ergon Energy has announced to carry out maintenance work at the Malchi substation in Gracemere town, Queensland.

The substation is the town’s primary source of electric supply.

During the maintenance work, the company will replace a power pole and associated pole top hardware between Egans Hil substation station and the Malchi substation.

Ergon Energy area operations manager Graham Clark said the company will isolate supply to a section of line to perform the maintenance work safely and effectively.

"To limit the impact on the community we will reconfigure the network and bring in generation to support the local distribution network however because of network constraints in the area around 1,000 customers in parts of Gracemere will be affected while the work is carried out " Clark added.

"When completed this project will provide a secure high voltage ring between Egans Hill, Gracemere and the existing Malchi substation and significantly reduce the impact of future power interruptions on the community."

Ergon Energy is also planning to build a new zone substation at Gracemere and a second high voltage supply line from Egans Hill to improve reliability and service the growing residential and commercial load in the town.