Built by EPM Group subsidiary Hidroecológica del Teribe (HET), the $314m hydropower plant is located in the Changuinola district, Bocas del Toro province, in Panama’s northeast, on the border with Costa Rica.

EPM chief executive officer Juan Esteban Calle Restrepo said: "the Bonyic plant has already subscribed energy supply agreements at 15 years with Panamanian distribution companies.

"We are very pleased with Bonyic’s start of operations since the plant will provide reliability to the Panamanian power system, and by being hydraulic rather than thermal, it will contribute to lowering energy tariffs, thus improving the Panamanian families’ life quality and economy."

Power generated from the facility will be supplied to the Panama interconnected electricity system at the Changuinola-Charagre substation through a 115kV transmission line.

During the construction phase, the project created 1,400 jobs.

The hydropower facility generates hydraulic rather than thermal energy, thus contributing to lowering tariffs in Panama.