AES SONEL, invites expressions of interest relating to the contract for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning of a 150 MW gas-fired power station located at Mpolongwe, 9 km north of Kribi, Cameroon.

The start of construction is expected in May 2007, and commissioning in July 2008.

AES SONEL invites major power plant contractors with the requisite experience to pre-qualify for the turnkey construction of the production facility.

The pre-selected technologies are either:

(i) open cycle dual-fuel gas turbines with unit output capacity (site) between 35 and 50 MW or

(ii) reciprocating gas engines.

Natural gas shall be the base fuel, and gas oil the back-up fuel. The total guaranteed output at site conditions shall be 150 MWe. The works shall include all necessary civil, mechanical and electrical design, manufacture, construction, delivery, installation, commissioning and testing of the plant, together with the making good of defects.

Potential tenderers will be pre-qualified in respect of technical competence, and the size and strength of the financial resources of the company or contracting group. The contractor or members of the contracting group collectively, are required to demonstrate by documentary evidence:

experience of successful completion of turnkey construction of not less than five power plants, each of capacity greater than 100 MW, within the past ten years; proven experience in design, manufacture, erection, commissioning and testing of not less than three natural gas fired power plants; constructed not less than three power plants, of not less than 100 MW each, in Africa; Tenderer must confirm willingness to offer guarantees for programme, output and efficiency and agree to accept liquidated damages for failure to meet the guarantees; Tenderer shall be accredited to ISO 9001 or equivalent; Tenderer shall have had an annual turnover for the last three years of a minimum of euro400 million, as demonstrated by audited annual accounts according to IAS, GAP or other standards that are acceptable to the Owner.

Tenderers not meeting the upper prequalification criteria will not be eligible to bid.

The Request For Proposals (RFP) documentation is being finalized and scheduled to be issued in mid-October 2006. Only pre-selected candidates will be given access to the RFP documents.


To participate in the pre-qualification process see :

Complete the Registration sheet with the requested information


After registering, you will receive an email from AES SONEL informing that your registration is complete and that you have access to the platform.

Return to , logon, and download further information on this pre-qualification.

You are required to respond electronically via the Power Advocate website before 1 October, 2006. This will entail ‘uploading’ any written responses to the RFP or any other company data you wish to provide.

For questions concerning this qualification process, please contact and

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Director of Shared Services, William Bennett

The government granted AES SONEL, the integrated electric utility in Cameroon – 56% owned by AES with the remaining shares are owned by the government – the right to build a 150 MW gas-fired production facility in Kribi and the transmission premises for connection to the southern interconnected grid in 2005.

AES SONEL is setting-up a subsidiary for the project ownership, Kribi Power Company (KPC).

The financing scheme of the Project is 30% equity and 70% loan and AES SONEL, on behalf of KPC, is applying for a loan from international and local lending institutions. The closing is expected in May 2007.