E.ON UK has announced its intention to reduce its workforce by 450 people, largely from its retail division. The company said that it will make effort to achieve the reduction by voluntary redundancies wherever possible.

The proposed reduction is part of an ongoing program to introduce leaner and more efficient processes throughout E.ON UK. The program could lead to further job reductions, but it is envisaged that these will be achieved as people who leave the company over the coming months are not replaced.

The planned reductions will be distributed among employees throughout the country, including E.ON UK’s main offices in Nottinghamshire and at its Coventry headquarters.

As part of the overall planned reduction, the company has also announced its intention to cease operations at its call center in Tannochside, near Glasgow, which employs 40 people. E.ON UK intends to work closely with the unions in order to achieve the required reduction by voluntary means wherever possible.

Paul Golby, CEO of E.ON UK, said: These redundancies are part of an ongoing process that started last year to ensure that we have a sustainable retail business in the UK, especially considering that we have now made a loss in retail.