E.ON has selected ABB’s latest eco-efficient 72.5 kV high voltage circuit breaker to upgrade its hydropower plant in Ledinge, in the north of Sweden.

The 72.5kV circuit breaker will use CO2 rather than the traditional SF6 gas as the insulating and arc extinguishing medium.

ABB said each new 72.5kV breaker has the potential to reduce overall CO2 emissions by 10 tons through the product life cycle, which is 18% less than its predecessor.

E.ON country director for hydro in Sweden Torbjörn Tärnhuvud said , "As part of our mission, we are committed to investing in new technologies that helps us to reduce the environmental impact and this decision is very much in line with the approach."

ABB high voltage products business head Giandomenico Rivetti said developing eco-efficient technologies that help mitigate the environmental impact across the product life cycle is one of the important thrust areas in the company’s R&D efforts.

"This includes aspects such as materials used, lower electrical losses and a more compact footprint," Rivetti said.