The Extreme Biodiesel facility when complete, is expected to operate six days per week with an output of almost 500,000 gallons per month of premium biodiesel.

Based on current market pricing, the annual revenues, along with the government subsidy program, would equate to be in excess of $15,000,000 annually.

Extreme Biodiesel also manufactures mini extractors, a small business/home mini refinery system, at the Corona facility. These units are designed for small business owners and individuals to produce biodiesel products at their own locations.

ENVIROTEK President Robert Thompson stated: “By using almost all of ENVIROTEK’s strategic partnerships technologies, the end result is the transformation of waste materials to clean burning renewed energy and power for use as Clean Burning Vehicle fuels, including Biodiesel, Gasoline, and Jet Fuel and now Magnegas, a clean burning alternative to natural gas emitting oxygen and less emissions than fossil fuel through the vehicles exhaust systems.”