The company said that the advanced energy solution is designed to provide system owner with high return on investment and greater reliability.

Enphase president and CEO Paul Nahi said: "Homeowners in Australia and New Zealand want total control of their home’s energy because of the combination of electricity rates, high solar penetration, and declining feed-in tariffs.

"The Enphase Home Energy Solution fits these needs with compelling economics and sets the stage for the evolving energy market."

The key components of the Enphase Home Energy Solution include Enphase S-Microinverter solar energy inverter to simplify installation and Envoy-S Metered bidirectional communications gateway to allow owners to control the energy.

The company also designed Enphase AC Battery modular energy storage system to enable better integration with the Enphase Home Energy Solution in order to simply store solar energy for during high rates of grid-supplied energy.

Additionally, the Enphase Home Energy Solution will use Enphase Enlighten cloud-based platform to connect with smart devices for an intelligent home.

Enphase plans to launch the Enphase Home Energy Solution components in the two countries starting in December 2015 followed by the Enphase AC Battery in Q2 2016.

Enphase plans to partner with Genesis Energy, New Zealand’s electricity and gas retailer, and South Australian electricity distribution network, SA Power Networks, to undertake trials for the Enphase Storage System comprising Enphase AC Battery, in the respective countries.