Eniram has won an order from Hamburg Sud for its 12 additional installations of dynamic trimming assistant (DTA) system.

Eniram will deploy the fuel and emission saving technology on all of their post-Panamax container vessels, by the end of third quarter this year.

Since late 2008, the company found reductions (on average 3%) in the bunker consumption of vessels equipped with DTA, in comparison to non-DTA equipped sister ships, Hamburg Sud said.

The company also said these sister vessels were operating on the same route giving a very accurate fuel consumption benchmark with which to prove the DTA savings.

It is expected that over 50,000 tons of CO2 every year will be saved across the post-panamax fleet.

Further vessels will be fitted with DTA as they arrive in 2012, giving even greater fuel and emissions savings in future.

Hamburg Sud said it will further invest in new, more environmentally-friendly vessels, and will receive five new 7,100 TEU Santa Class vessels this year, and three next year.

Eniram provides the maritime industry with novel decision support systems to reduce fuel consumption and emissions as well as to support decision making with information analytics.