This offer will be available throughout Italy and promises households price certainty and decrease in the energy expense. As part of the promotion Eni is also offering a free household energy consultation which allows customers to save money with more efficient usage of energy.

This new Eni dual offer encompasses the Prezzo Certo Gas, fixed price gas offer, which caps the commercial price at E0.32 per cubic meter for the first year and at E0.31 per cubic meter for the second year.

It also encompasses the Prezzo Certo Energia Elettrica, fixed price power offer, which caps energy prices at E0.085 per kWh for the first year and at E0.083 per kWh for the second year.

In addition, Eni said that households can further stabilize their costs with the Consumo Piatto, flat consumption service, which allows them to distribute their annual consumption evenly across payments, thereby eliminating seasonal peaks.