The company is a market leader with a 40% share in its sector. This transaction will facilitate the offer of a wide range of integrated solutions to the over 600 existing customers of ACS – from monitoring to providing services that reduce consumption. It will also expand the range of solutions offered to more than 700 customers served by ENGIE in Brazil.

In the words of ENGIE Brasil CEO Mauricio Bahr, the transaction is in line with the global target of focusing investments on energy efficiency and digital platforms. As far as Brazil is concerned, states the executive, it supports the Group’s goal of expanding and diversifying its presence in the country.

Bahr said: "This acquisition is perfectly aligned with ENGIE's strategy of diversifying its operations and becoming the leader in the transition towards more responsible energy consumption. We are pleased to be able to expand our portfolio of solutions through the acquisition of ACS.”

According to the executive, the purchase of the company is complementary to ENGIE’s activities in the areas where it already operates.

Bahr continued: "ACS was the missing piece in our puzzle of integrated power management solutions. As we learn about our customers' consumption profiles, we will be able to identify and supply the best services in energy efficiency, cooling, smart lighting, industrial equipment maintenance and installation, solar generation systems and even the purchasing of energy on the free market, depending on the size of the customer and the cost of energy."

ACS, which has seen growth of more than two digits in recent years, uses an all-digital online follow-up platform for consumption, load and energy power on five thousand monitoring sites. The tool traces each customer’s demand profile and allows users to connect, disconnect and programme equipment remotely according to a given schedule.

As a result of this acquisition, ENGIE, which controls the largest private power generator in the country, has moved closer to its goal of invoicing R$1bn ($320m) in the services sector in Brazil in two years’ time. The business will help the company to reach this objective by leveraging about 10% of its value in new businesses generated from this acquisition.

At the beginning, ACS will continue to operate with its own structure. The goal is to create an integration process that preserves the “DNA” of the company: the characteristics that differentiate it on the market and which have established the company as a leader in the sector. The company has been operating for more than 30 years in the energy efficiency segment. ACS’s customers include Santander, C&A, Casas Bahia, Pao de Agúcar, Votorantim, Cinemark, Bunge and Hotéis Melia, among others.

In addition to electric energy, the company monitors water, temperature and gas – market niches with potential for expansion.