EnerSys has sold an Extended Run Time Solution hydrogen fuel cell system to Time Warner Cable and installed it at Time Warner Cable's facility in Southern California.

The 30kW fuel cell system applies Altergy Systems’ proprietary Freedom Power hydrogen proton exchange membrane fuel-cell technology, and will provide environmentally clean reserve power in the event of a commercial grid outage to ensure continued digital telephone, internet and video services without interruption to Time Warner Cable customers.

Time Warner Cable will also use a time-saving fill-in-place system for the replacement of hydrogen in the fuel cells without switching cylinders.

The fuel cell system replaces the need for a diesel generator and liquid fuel tank that normally will be deployed for backup power during a commercial power outage.

Unlike the diesel generator that uses petroleum fuel for combustion, the Time Warner Cable fuel cell system derives electricity from hydrogen in an electrochemical reaction.

The byproducts of the above process are only heat and water, with no greenhouse gas emissions and very little noise during operation.