The anticipated date for officially transferring the licenses is 1 September 2010.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has conditionally approved the license transfer in 2008.

EnergySolutions president and CEO Val Christensen said that it is very important for EnergySolutions and Exelon to have agreed for closing this transaction, so that decommissioning operations at the Zion Station can begin.

As per this program, EnergySolutions will acquire the Zion Station assets and conduct its work as the owner and NRC licensee and EnergySolutions will process and dispose of all Zion low-level radioactive waste at its Clive, Utah facility followed by placing the spent nuclear fuel in NRC-approved dry cask storage containers on site.

The goal of the program is to safely accelerate the cleanup at least 12 years ahead of schedule, enabling the land to be restored for beneficial reuse sooner than originally planned, according to the company.