EnergyOne Technologies, a renewable energy company, has signed a technology license agreement with VS Technology, a company engaged in design, engineering and manufacturing of battery technology, battery management systems and composite materials technology.

The agreement will enable EnergyOne to manufacture VS Technology’s Nickel Zinc batteries, Battery Management Systems and Composite Modules for use in various energy storage applications by utilizing raw materials sourced in the US and bringing manufacturing jobs to Kentucky.

Under this agreement, EnergyOne will receive energy storage resources from VS Technology for a term of 20 years to develop new battery technology in collaboration with VS Technology’s engineering team, thereby getting a competitive edge in the energy storage market.

VS Technology CEO Michael Steenburg said that VS Technology is pleased to contribute the technology for EnergyOne to create the most advanced energy storage systems in the marketplace.

“VS Technology shares the vision that Robert Hamilton and his team have for renewable energy and a robust power grid that can adapt to the needs of energy consumers,” Steenburg said.