Australia-based uranium exploration company Energy Metals has estimated a resource of 9.75 million tonnes at 165ppm uranium grade or 3.56 million pounds of uranium grade at the Peninsula Prospect.

The uranium mineralization is noted over a strike length of 4km, and a width of approximately 800m at the prospect within its Mopoke Well project in Western Australia.

Mopoke Well project located 60 kilometers west of Leonora contains the potential Peninsula and Stakeyard prospects.

In the year 2012, the company completed one hundred vertical, ten meter holes at Peninsula prospect to execute gamma probing to determine the deconvolved uranium equivalent grade.

"The Resource Estimate is based on down-hole 2cm interval deconvolved gamma probe radiometric logging (eU3O8) from 244 vertical aircore holes drilled by EME between 2008 and2012," said the company in a statement.

When combined with the current estimates, Energy Metal’s uranium inventory from the central Yilgarn area aggregates to 13.3 million lbs equivalent grade.