Tao Guo, a mechanical technical consultant with Energy Exemplar has been named as the guest panelist and speaker for the World Renewable Energy Forum (WREF) to be held in Colorado, US from 13-17 May this year.

Under the joint sponsorship of the non-profit ASES and WREN, National Solar Conference (NSC) has been renamed as the WREF.

WREF will examine how renewable energy technologies address the world’s economic, environmental and security challenges at every scale, from off-grid villages to gigawatt power plants.

Energy Exemplar will introduce its new software, PLEXOS for Power Systems used for power market modeling, Simulation and Analysis at the conference.

PLEXOS for Power Systems can be employed in many areas of the energy sector by power generation companies, transmission system operators, electricity market operators, energy commission and regulators, energy trading companies/investment banks and price forecasting agencies.

The comprehensive set of features of PLEXOS include price forecasting, power market simulation and analysis, detailed operational planning and optimization, trading decision support strategic modelling and decision support, generation and transmission capacity expansion planning (investment analysis), renewable integration analysis among others.

All of these functions can be performed for any planning horizon: short term (minutes, hours, days, months) to long term (10-40 years)

WREF is put together under the supervision of ASES and its local chapter, the Colorado Renewable Energy Society, the International Solar Energy Society(ISES), the National Renewable Energy Laboratory , an agency of the US Department of Energy, and WREN.