Energinet.dk has assessed that it will not be possible to cover any power deficits with Swedish power due to internal congestion in the Swedish transmission grid.

The agreement with Dong Energy gives Energinet.dk the right to dispose of unit 4 of the Asnaes power station in the coming winter. The unit will, however, only be put into operation in situations when lack of power is expected in eastern Denmark. In such instances, the unit can be made operational in seven days.

In situations like these, Energinet.dk will place the capacity of the power station at the disposal of the power market in accordance with the guidelines agreed upon in Nordel, the organization for the Nordic transmission system operators. This means that the unit’s capacity will be offered to the elspot market at the technical maximum price equivalent to E2000/MWh. Any surplus achieved from the activation of the unit will be used to reduce Energinet.dk’s tariffs.

The utility said that there will be a risk of such situations occurring in eastern Denmark until the Great Belt Power Link is commissioned in a few years’ time. Energinet.dk has therefore initiated analysis work aimed at clarifying any possible countermeasures that may be required until the Great Belt Power Link is ready for operation.