Enel, through its subsidiary Enel North America, has signed agreements to develop two wind farms in North America and to supply the electricity they will generate. The two plants have an overall capacity of up to 250MW and 27MW, respectively.

The operation is part of a E4 billion investment plan aimed at placing Enel at the forefront of research for innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact on electricity generation and distribution, the Italian energy firm said in a statement.

When the projects start operating, they will collectively avoid the emission of 415,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The US project will be built in Smoky Hills Project, Kansas. The facility will be built in multiple phases with the first 100.8MW phase scheduled to be erected and operational by the end of 2007. When completed, Smoky Hills is expected to have a total capacity approaching 250MW.

Enel’s Canadian project will be constructed in Newfoundland and Labrador. The St Lawrence wind program is expected to generate approximately 100,000MWh per year and to be operating by the end of 2008.