Enel Union Fenosa Renovables, a joint venture between Enel and Union Fenosa, is planning the construction of wind plants, thermal solar plants and biomass facilities with a capacity of up to 650MW. The collaboration partners hope to create 900 jobs in the Estremadura region of Spain.

<p>Enel Union Fenosa Renovables (EUFER), a joint venture in which Enel holds 80% and Union Fenosa 20%, plans to invest up to E850 million to carry out power projects involving renewable energy sources with a maximum capacity of 650MW.<br /><br />Thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Santos de Maimona Foundation, EUFER is planning the construction of wind farms, biomass plants and thermal solar plants in the region of Estremadura, which will create more than 900 new jobs. Individual projects will be carried out on the basis of specific agreements to be signed in June 2006.<br /><br />EUFER has an installed capacity of 900MW and aims to reach 1,600MW by 2010, Enel said in a statement.</p>