Enel, Nissan and Nuvee have presented the first commercial Vehicle-to-Grid hub in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This is an experimental program, where Enel has installed 10 charging units at Frederiksberg Forsyning, a Danish utility company. The company had also bought 10 of Nissan’s e-NV200 zero emission vans.

A portion of Frederiksberg Forsyning’s parking lot has been turned into a charging station.

The vans are capable of not just receiving electricity from the charging units, but can also supply electricity to the charging stations when there is a high demand for electricity during peak hours.

Enel claims that this program will help in integrating electric cars to the grid, enabling the flow of green energy which originates from small renewable plants spread all over the area.’

The vans can also be used both for mobility as well as for storing accumulated energy which can also be transported where it is necessary.

The total capacity of the ten chargers of V2G hub is about 100kW and it will increase the stability of the Danish grid and providing power capacity services to the network operator Energinet.

This program began as a research back in 2008 at Enel’s Smart city Malaga project and it was demonstrated for the first time in 2012.

The Italian energy giant stated that by promoting partnerships with start-ups, industrial partners and all stakeholders including institutions, universities, organisations and venture capital firms, it is moving towards new development frontiers.

It also noted that electric mobility will be one of the pillars of its future of sustainable development strategy.

Image: Enel, Nissan and Nuvee start vehicle to grid program. Photo: Courtesy of Enel Spa.