ENECO Holding N.V. (ENECO) has entered a long term contract with C-Power NV (C-Power) for the purchase of the electricity generated by the first 6 offshore wind turbines, totaling 30 megawatt (MW). By the end of January 2, 2009 turbines will produce electricity followed by the other 4 turbines in April, 2009. In time the wind farm will be expanded to 300 MW.

The choice for Eneco was a conscious decision that was taken after a negotiation period of nearly one year, says C-Power. Eneco has, after all, extensive experience in the field of wind energy, including the preparation of accurate production forecasts and the optimization of customer-production portfolios.

Eneco’s specific profile and substantial ambitions as producer of sustainable energy in Belgium have also played a role in the decision. These make Eneco fundamentally different and unique in comparison to other energy producers, says C-Power’s director Filip Martens. The sustainably generated electricity will be sold to different Eneco customers throughout Belgium. Our supply portfolio is still growing rapidly and Eneco Belgium’s goal is to obtain at least two thirds of our portfolio from green energy, adds Eneco Belgium’s director Michael Corten.

In 2008 Eneco put the Princess Amalia wind farm in the Netherlands into operation. This 120 MW farm 23 kilometres off the Dutch coast symbolises Eneco’s explicit ambition to develop renewable energy projects, including several offshore wind energy projects in Europe.

Eneco, which took over Air Energy earlier in 2009, has itself submitted a concession application in Belgium for a wind farm with the name North Sea Power. This park is intended to generate between 400 MW and 600 MW. In addition, the energy company develops wind farms, biomass installations and solar energy based projects in both the industrial and agricultural sector.

The cooperation between C-Power and Eneco will combine the technical experience of one partner with the trading experience of the other partner, which will undoubtedly strengthen the commercial position in this emerging high technology industry.