Italian energy provider Enel has announced that Spanish electric utility Endesa has appointed a number of new members to its board of directors, in order to align its composition to the shareholding structure resulting from the successful outcome of the public tender offer launched by Enel and Acciona to acquire the entire share capital of Endesa.

Endesa’s board of directors is now composed of Jose Manuel Entrecanales as its director and executive chairman and Andrea Brentan (international business development and M&A vice president of Enel) as its director and vice chairman.

Rafael Miranda Robredo has been confirmed in his role of CEO. Carmen Becerril Martinez, Luigi Ferraris (accounting planning and control executive vice president of Enel), Claudio Machetti (finance executive vice president of Enel), Valentin Montoya Moya and Esteban Morras Andres have been appointed as directors.

In addition, Fernando D’Ornellas Silva and Francisco de Borja Prado Eulate have been confirmed as directors.